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From the President

It has been a pleasure to serve as the JLSB President this past year-it was of course not without it’s challenges. I get the distinct honor of being your first 2 year term President and I am looking forward to the year to come. I wanted a theme this year that really speaks to all women, is relevant, simple and that I believe makes a difference. This past year we have all seen posted the moving image “Lift Each Other Up” in honor of International Women’s Day, it quickly spread across social feeds. A single scene on loop, the message was simple but powerful: the greatest thing women can do is help each other make it to the top.

This is go time for women, as we collectively rock politics, medicine, education, the arts, and business with our strong wisdom, compassion and collaboration. 

When we empower and support each other, we all go big. The world is calling for us to go big! 

As I reflected on this image it became clear to me my theme for our next year here in Little Brevard County’s JLSB would be ‘Lift Others Up’: 

Live from your own incredible worth. Express your own brilliance — don’t block someone else’s. Be an amazing woman to do good. To raise the roof. To be kind. To change the world. Be a superstar yourself, and you won’t feel the need to tarnish another’s star

Applaud a woman’s success. Supporting another’s success will never dampen yours. 

Everyone needs a lift sometimes. Slow down, breathe, and nurture yourself, if only for 30 minutes. It’s soul-crushingly tough enough just to get through some days. When we’re more rested, it’s easier to give a big thumbs-up to a woman’s ideas. Or hold the door open for a mom struggling with a stroller. And cheer for a sister on fire with her creation, whether it’s a painting or a product. 

Take the lead, lift others up as you climb, enjoy the journey and thrive. Here at the JLSB-We rise by lifting others up! 

Your contribution to JLSB will allow us the opportunity to continue the Junior League’s rich history and the remarkable accomplishments that we have and will achieve. Membership and support information can be found here on our website, under the “get involved” tab.  Thank you for visiting the JLSB’s page. Feel free to contact me at president@jlsb.net if you’d like to know more. 


Lindsay Sanger

President 2016-2018




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